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H3 will take specific actions to provide for, and to encourage, increased participation in its housing and community development programs, particularly by persons of very low, low, and moderate income. Some of the actions include:

  • ·         Review of all citizen comments and incorporation of such comments in H3’s Consolidated Plan, as applicable;
  • ·         Analyze the impact of the H3 Consolidated Plan program activities on neighborhood residents, particularly low and moderate
  •          income residents;
  • ·         Conduct a Needs Assessments and appropriate on-site visits to each proposed project before including it in the Proposed H3 Consolidated Plan;
  • ·         Meet with neighborhood groups to inform them about the H3 Consolidated Plan, project eligibility, the program planning process, project selection and funding, and the project implementation process;

H3 will provide a dialogue for open communication with its residents, particularly very low and moderate income persons, concerning HUD and DHR funded programs in their county. H3 will strive to continuously increase residents participation in its housing, community development and human services programs by providing information on the ways that such persons/agencies might obtain potential funding. Techniques will include public housing meetings/forums, neighborhood meetings, newsletter distribution, presentations to civic associations, public hearings, faith-based meetings, newspaper articles and advertisements, TV public access announcements, e-mail, feature stories, and individual personal contacts.

H3 will make a special effort to provide timely and accurate information about housing, community development and human services program activities to all of Fulton surrounding counties. Monthly meetings will be held and written documents will be transmitted to all the participating cities and available for public review on our web site ( Many of the heaviest concentrations of low and moderate income persons reside within the boundaries of these cities. Active participation in the H3 housing, community development, and human services programs is the primary means to insure that all low and moderate income residents can participate fully in these HUD and DHR assisted activities.

Yours Truly,

Sean Brown, Founder