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Community Service

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          Builing the community is a great responsability. Our efforts go as far as we take them with no limits.We serve the Metro Atlsnts Comminities because we believe that once a person receives the idea of how to live the real life, then contiously practices to be a good person untill it becomes a habit, then the change will be made to be a productive part of society. Our team needs your support in our program to have participants do community service for our organization to help women help women that need that motivation. Your help is greatly needed for the continuous journey of this community based program. We welcome you to strenghten our team to win over the hearts of women that need your help to change their old habits into motivating other women to feel good, look good, become heathly and help the next women in our society.

  At our Makeup & Motivation program in Marietta, GA, offenders perform community service by distributing flyers, cleaning and landscaping public buildings and areas. Our Community Services is organized into divisions that provide high-quality recreational, educational, electoral, and human services.

We nominate a community volunteer for the 11alive Community Service Awards - from in Atlanta, Georgia.

This year, we are looking forward to the Corporation for National and Community Service to commit more than $27,400,000 to support Georgia communities through national service.

Our Community Service Program is accepted through out the state of GA.

Thank You So Much,

Navion Brown, Founder


People convicted of crimes are required to perform community services or to work for agencies in the sentencing jurisdiction either entirely or partly in lieu of other judicial remedies and sanctions, such as incarceration or fines.

For instance, a fine may be reduced in exchange for a prescribed number of hours of community service. The court may allow the convict to choose their community service, which then must be documented by "credible agencies", such as non-profit organizations, or may mandate a specific service.

Sometimes the sentencing is specifically targeted to the convict's crime, for example, a litterer may have to clean a park or roadside, or a drunk driver might appear before school groups to explain why drunk driving is a crime. Also, a sentence allowing for a broader choice may nonetheless disallow certain services that the offender would reasonably be expected to perform anyway; for example, a convicted lawyer might be specifically prohibited from counting pro bono legal services.